Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I liked the School Boy Q song, produced by Alchemist 'Break Da Bank' so much, I just had to give my version of it. The title was inspired by a movie I saw called 'God Is Not Dead' which if you seen or not, it's about a student convincing his colleagues while debating with his college professor that God is real. Though this has nothing to do with religion, I compared it to Hiphop; because I've heard People say "Hiphop is dead" or dull and always about the same topic. However that's the Radio's fault because there a lot unique rappers I've heard that never get played due to the overcrowding Bullsh*t from so called "artists" that leaves me with the question "How the F*ck are y'all famous???????" But anyway, I feel that Hiphop is not dead, just somewhere down the line, it was buried alive, so underground It lives.


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