Monday, April 20, 2015

The highly anticipated, talented and versatile artist known worldwide as Bonesstyle, is back, this time with the release of his hot new single “Day 1”, which is produced by the extremely talented Nana Yaw. This hit record demonstrates Bonesstyle’s crafty ability to single handedly show his sensitive side and what it takes to rise above and get through the trials and tribulations with a significant other, which his lady fans love. Fellas appreciate the hit as well as it shows a real, raw very bouncy trap feel coupled with a geniune take to relationships in today's society. With a different approach than songs before, it is safe to say those are a couple of many reasons why “Day 1” is definitely one of many fan favorites, thus being proven with the amount of recognition it’s receiving. With several hundred plays on SoundCloud and Several hundred shares, tweets, hashtags and comments pertaining to the release of this hit single on Social Media, “Day 1”, definitely a trending music topic, and is destined to go viral and be chart-topping as numbers steadily rise. Song of spring 2015? Maybe. Hot hit of the Summer? Probably so. Although that remains to be seen stay seated, There is no end to the bangin’ music Bonesstyle consistently brings to the industry.


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