Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jānis Bukums is a seasoned rock veteran/pioneer of Latvian rock scene. His songs "This I Forgive You" and "Prayer" are Latvian rock classics. Now, Jānis Bukums returns to rock music with eponymous band "Jānis Bukums", consisting of 5 people: himself, guitarist Artūrs Račinskis (also seasoned rock veteran, played alongside Bukums in "Monro"), guitarist Artūrs Liede, bass player Andrjus Jaņuns and drummer Filips Batarags. His 2015 release "Dzīvs un Savādāks" (Alive and Different) contains 10 original compositions and a cover version for Radiohead's "Creep", for which an original music video was also made. Currently band is preparing new songs for second album, is open to offers from labels and festivals, is preparing for summer gigs and minitours in Europe, and also preparing to re-record "Alive and Different" with English lyrics for international audience. The song submitted for this promotion is "Creep", originally by Radiohead.



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