Sunday, May 17, 2015

With low-end, thumping club-beats and a tireless work-ethic, Lansing, MI-based Hip-Hop/Rap artist D-Boy BangEm has been shaking the crowd up with the wildly dynamic and intense music he creates. This unsigned talent and future superstar brings a quick-witted, precise & on-point flow to the lyrical-world, gaining as much respect from his peers as he has been from his growing fan-base as his star continues to rise. When he goes dark, his menacing tones, rhythms and rhymes could cut through microphones; when everything is cool, his non-stop party vibe is as energetic as it is inviting to fans and new fans alike. Using cutting edge production to make incredible beats that burst with exotic & unique sounds, D-Boy BangEm has all the right tools at his disposal and the true skills necessary to make them all work their best. Currently you can find D-Boy BangEm booking shows on the constant. One of the rap-scene’s hardest working MC’s in the game right now, D-Boy BangEm is pushing himself harder than ever before while taking it all to the next level. A truly authentic and genuine artist.


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