Wednesday, May 20, 2015

'Illusive Warrior' is a track that describes the hidden battles that can be fought; In this instance the weapon of choice is Music.
Music is the only known sound that simulates every part of the human brain. A musical melody created as a song can strike up nostalgia. Music is a healer. Music can inspire. Music can unite!
Denise Renee Caplock decided to write about the benefits of music and bridging the age gap between the young and the old. Denise Renee'Caplock also wanted to use this platform in order to introduce herself with a twist. She refers to it as a 'Bio-in-Song'.
Collinscrest Entertainment Group is proud to introduce, Denise Renee Caplock's Debut release, "Illusive Warrior!"
Produced , Written and Performed By " Denise Renee Caplock for 13th Highest Music BMI
All Rights Reserved cp 2015
Mixed and Mastered By Multi Nominated Grammy award Producer/Remixer,Engineer: Steve Migliore for Maxxbeats.


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