Saturday, May 23, 2015

Daniel C. Roper III aka Mo’ Wet (producer/songwriter/singer behind Seasoned Vetts) knew that his reason for being on this earth was to entertain. At a very young age Mo’ Wet realized that he had a GOD given talent to perform on stage. As a youth, he attended Rosa Parks Fine and Performing Arts High School located in Paterson NJ. It was there, in the presence of talent-nurturing teachers and students; he learned the structure of performing, dedication, determination, and hard work. Performing at many school functions such as holiday shows and cabarets, Daniel received the training needed to hone his talents. 
Throughout his schooling, Mo’ Wet was able to perform for Ms. Rosa Parks herself, Take6, Dizzy Gillespie, and Gregory Hines. Upon leaving high school Mo’ Wet made a name for himself as an individual to be watched in the future ahead. Daniel’s adult years featured him entering competitions, extra work for movies like Godzilla, pilots for HBO featuring Danny Aiello, and videos with Das Effects and Chubb Rock. Mo’ Wet choreographed dance routines for Riff, JT Taylor of Kool and the Gang, and Men of Vision. Emerging as an artist, Mo’ Wet would submit music to radio stations to have his solo and group’s music playing on the radio home jams for some 9 weeks straight. He would also find himself at the Apollo Theater in Harlem NY performing in front of Mr. Steve Harvey, as well as shows at the Country Club and Down Time in the NY area. 
Stepping back for a minute to learn the behind the scenes business, Mo’ Wet has now ventured into producing and investing in his own recording studio. Ill Ruckus got its start before it even knew it existed as its core members were friends since childhood. Though the number of people in the group has fluctuated since it was officially founded in 1999, it’s presently working comfortably as a trio. Sidd, Mr. Smiff, and Valdeast have enough years and shared experiences behind themselves that they don’t just consider themselves a musical trio; they’re a family. Growing up in and still based out of Lexington Park, Maryland, the area itself is known for its long standing cultural roots, and strong military presence. It’s the kind of place that can instill strong, humble values into you while still exposing you to some of life’s harsh struggles. Given their distinct personalities and tastes, it’s no surprise that the trio would be inspired by a number of different Rap & Hip-Hop acts including such legendary East Coast rappers as Biggie Smalls, Wu-Tang Clan, Redman, Mobb Deep, and Nas, along with the massively influential West Coaster Tupac and the also highly respected, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. It’s because of all these styles and interests coming together, that even though Ill Ruckus can be compared to some of their influences like the Wu-Tang Clan, they’ve also drawn comparisons to the late great Big L, Styles P, G-Unit, and Boot Camp Clik. 
Seasoned Vetts won’t rest until their music can reach the ears of the world and bring to them the positive vibes of struggle and triumph that RnB and Hip-Hop can convey so well. Through years of hard living, raising families, and perfecting their musical craft, Sidd, Valdeast, and Mr. Smiff and Mo’ Wet are in the best position yet to accomplish their goals. Behind the strength of material like “I’m Sick”, “This Yakk” and “Spazz On ‘Em”, Seasoned Vetts has big things on the way and it’s their hope that their music can find a way to entertain and empower you! - See more at:


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