Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"There's a man out there that knows exactly what I'm talking about."


Song written by Ced Wynez (Batten Allen Publishing) and Kay Jay

Hook by Kay Jay

My Wife is a stripper All the fellas tip her
So much I can take coke bottle dam she gettin paid (Repeat Twice)

First Verse by Ced Wynez

I met the wifey in 99 at South Miami, On the scale of 25 my baby fine
I was working two job she was in school
Two little girls gotta feed made the move
Everything good all the bills straight I couldn't ask for move better days
It feels good to be a man yeah I made a way
But hell came now everything changed
I hurt my back on the job now Im on workers comp
All the bills due money adding up
She went to K.O.D but it's only temporary..okay

Hook by Kay Jay

Second Verse by Ced Wynez

3 Months 6 months Turn to 9 months
They make it rain on her she doing all the stripper stuns.
In the belly of the beast dam its running deep but my wifey is making 2 grand every week
Bottle poppin thrown champagne in the air, legs wide she fly money in the air.
Shes addicted to this paper she aint gonna quit, why the fuck I agreed to this shit.
Death do us part for sickness and health, from bad to worst Im already there she said no divorce boy you better stop trippin, you should've told me NO right in the beginning....WHAT THE FUCK!


Third verse by Kay Jay:

So much money we cant count it all, Shes in love with the ballers and strippers stars one night turn into a couple nights, now shes addicted to the stripper life. Fast money from state to state, from rags to riches and expensive taste. I dont like it but I lover her and she gettin paid Its power of the dollars dollars.


released 20 February 2015
Written by: Ced Wynez and Kay Jay
Mixed and Engineered by: Ced Wynez
Song Mastered by: J-Kad
Track Produced by: Paul Cabbin
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