Sunday, June 7, 2015

"War on Black Bodies" is a modern day "What's Going On?;" far more politically incorrect, militant and pointed, the track takes aim at institutional racism and police brutality. H Rap calls a spade a spade. Though it does not completely encompass his range, it speaks to his consciousness. 
Philadelphia native, H Rap's decry, "turned on the tv to war on black bodies" stops short of any further description but still calls to mind chilling images of Eric Garner being choked, Mike Brown with his hands up and the vision of what it must've been like to walk in Travyvon Martin's shoes in those last moments up to his unjust murder.
 That his murderer walks free seems to have set a precedent in the minds of every racist that ever felt entitled, like Zimmerman. With racial tensions and police shootings of unarmed black men at an all time high since the Civil Rights movement, Zimmerman's acquittal apparently sends a message loud and clear, "It's N%gger hunting season! Bag yourself one before it's over!"


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