Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mister Hayes is a 26 year old artist that was born and raised in Tampa Bay Florida and Austell Georgia. Since the age of 12 years old Mister Hayes has been pursuing music. His first stage name "ry ry" or "lil ry ry" was given to him by his fellow friends and family members. At 12 years old Mister Hayes saved his weekly allowance from mowing grass to make his own household Music Studio. With a PASSION and a drive for music he finally progressed his way at the age of 15 years old to actually getting into a real live Music Studio, Monster mix productions.

While living in Austell Georgia he changed his name to Primetime aka PT. With many attempts of making a name for himself and printing CDs and passing them out in the Bay Area he found himself repeatedly going in circles and getting nowhere with the music industry. I guess we can say it was very hard for Mister Hayes to catch people's attention because he never talked about what was RELEVANT and what was going on in the current music industry. He always spoke about real-life situations and events.

With many trials and tribulations unfolding in his life the hardest milestone was when he was 22 years old.  Mister Hayes finally found himself as a person and molded himself as a music artist. He then changed his name to Mister Hayes. He grew deeper with his music and lyrics finding himself talking about current life situations, love, relationship problems, highs and lows, etc... But more important he developed a unique trait. Which is making CONTACT through the hearts and souls of his listeners.

Mister Hayes has many skills and attributions.
To this day he quotes. “I find myself getting into the deep with some of his songs and lyrics. I fell as if it may rub people the wrong way, because I’m not afraid to touch people’s hearts and souls. Mister Hayes writes songs that motivate and inspire the people. He is now on a journey that he always envisioned. With hard work and determination to bring his DREAM to reality. He always knew that he would make it in the music industry and make a name for himself and his family. And more importantly his FATHER.


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