Friday, June 5, 2015

Mixing contemporary Hip-Hop with a Pop tempo and an R&B tone, RonEssential takes out the nonessentials and delivers reality rap from a 30+ adult perspective. His a producer and songwriter. He’s a homeowner. He's a rapper with a 700+ credit score. Think of him as a cross between The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s “Uncle Phil” and the “Fresh Prince" himself. RonEssential creates his music from a wide array of experiences, sharing the good, bad, ugly, and fun that comes with adulthood. RonEssential: Reality Rap Meets Adult Contemporary Hip-Pop.

RonEssential (formerly known as R.S.) and his music have been featured on: The TODAY Show Australia, Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo! News, Jezebel,, FxStreet, Der Spiegel, Disney's Babble, Tom Joyner's,, Cafe Mom, American Stroke Association, and others.


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