Thursday, July 2, 2015

Here is where the artist normally writes a third person biopic of their life-story and why music is so important to their being. Nothing wrong with that. However, I do feel it lessens the experience. To only offer a few sentences as reflection of the living book that is your life. In my appreciation of the arts, it's been the tool that has communicated, through time, information of "how" to feel about now. We can all do rap music. 
We can write about how to party through the pain and/or we can free the spirit of those that don't have what we all require; freedom to think. I am Jesse (Ndubueze) Ewere Ogor, Sr., creatively known as King Big Jesse, first generation American, second born of immigrant Nigerian parents. I am here to have fun, to grow, to evolve. Music will be the curator of my thoughts for these moments . . . -King Big Jesse


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