Wednesday, July 1, 2015

TM is an emerging recording artist & a multi-faceted entertainer with a dynamic set of skills that compliment his craft and set him apart from the average performer.

Music became a serious pursuit in his teens due to a growing appreciation & an ear for great music. His sense of fast learning, consistent use of catchy hooks and of course an energetic delivery alongside a diverse set of flows, are attributes propelling him to heights that will surely enable him to establish himself as a household name in the near enough future.

TM has learned and grown much in his craft and his personal life. As the young performer reckons himself as the alternative, listeners have described him as a fuse between Hip-Hop, Soul, Pop and R&B and with this, he delivers a ‘whole new experience’

For this record single TM has released ‘Tell em all' a smooth R&B record with a soft piano melody on which TM expresses a heartfelt message.

TM is working on bringing out more singles leading up to his e.p dropping the summer of 2015. He is definitely one to watch out for on the 2015’s ‘watchlist’ be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled. 



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